Thursday, January 24, 2008


Site moved to , go there for the newest posts, comments updates, this blog is no longer updated.

From now on my posts will move to our own domain courtesy of that neop guy in my profile. So kinda point your bookmark or whatever to over there. Now that I have a domain and I'm settled at my new home I'll add more new stuff. Ok that's for the ~10 people who care :P It'll take some days for the domain to pop and move my stuff over there.

For the others who don't care. Next up is review of Code Geass, it'll be the first post of the next site. Sooki out.

Also, comprehensive list of songs of the week for the past year with more info and MF links are coming. Also, FLCL theme is old, so I'll try to renew that too.

Edit: modified to divert them B0t5

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Friday, January 18, 2008

Song of the Week 18/1/2007 Charon - At the End of Our Day

Hey guys.

Here's a nice rock song to cruise town while driving or wake up the people you live with or whatever. Sing along.

Charon - At the End of Our Day lyrics

Eyes I'm looking for, has come to weep all the sorrow.
All the sorrow you made.
Tears I couldn't dry, they burned her heart for the sorrow.
For the sorrow you made.

She's the one who closed her eyes for all we lost...
At the end of our day.
She's the one who wished to cry but hold inside,
all the sorrow, at the end of our day.

Now is it life that makes you sad?
How did it took us this much apart?

Cold is creeping, I haunt myself to become one,
the one I used to be.
Leading me to find, they burned our hearts for the sorrow,
for the sorrow we gained.

How did it took us this much apart?


You can always get it here. Ah the goodness of DDL.

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Wednesday, January 9, 2008

Happy New Year

Well even though it's delayed I thought it would be adequate to kick off the new year, and almost a year of this blog with a half-assed happy new year wish for everyone. May you have fun and happiness in all you do etc.

Kana approves:

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