Friday, November 16, 2007

2007 Fall Anime


I have failed to find at least 3 shows worth my time. I'm just going to watch some old series that I haven't watched already.

Except for Shana. It's always a pleasure to watch that fiery attitude/hair of hers. And the supporting cast will keep us(at least me :P) entertained for another season :D. Shakugan no Shana Second that is. It also broadcasts in HD, it's pretty nice.

The other one I kinda liked is Bamboo Blade, it's funny and keeps the story on the light side. It's about some crazy people/highschoolers who engage in kendo activities just for the hell of it. How far can a poor man go in order to get free sushi? Apparently enough to try to get a female kendo team in shape, there are some guys too.

Big X ->is missing for the third show I'll watch this season. Maybe a good one slipped by, I'll be checking. If you have any suggestions for a series, a comment will be appreciated.

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Saturday, November 10, 2007

Song of the Week 10/11/2007 Plus-Tech Squeeze Box - A Day in the Radio

Wow, it has taken me long to post. It's no surprise to most people by now, anyway you can email me at *see profile* and I'll be sure to answer. I'll probably make this into a Stepmania song next week, so whoever is interested in tapping keys or stepping on stuff with the correct timing will have fun with this one. So anyway, I came across this song somehow.

A lot of keyboard electronic sounds (not like conventional electronic music though) will make you feel like SNES bg music at first, but then a joyous tune will quickly burst into that thought.

It has a pretty weird jpop ring to it, although the lyrics aren't really the point. A gal sings in japanese and stuff, but I can't really transcribe the lyrics, it's some pretty crazy hard to figure out stuff.

There isn't much to say, it's a crazy happy song, try it if you feel like something different. It's good when you need some energy in the morning:D.

Oh and just because I felt like it, I have rapidshared it for your direct downloading pleasures. Enjoy it. Um. If if breaks leave a message:P Also, if you have a better host, let me know.

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