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Song of the Week 08/08/07 Yui - Good-Bye Days

After a rather unusual "back to school" period, I'm back to cover the uncovered holes left by the last song of the week. The other song I had in mind is featured in another movie, the actress herself sings the song, and that part is pretty cool.

The singer from this one is again from Japan. Yui is a rather interesting figure over there, she sings some rock songs and almost feels like a "bad girl" in one of her videos (Rolling Star, the one from Bleach). The really interesting part here is that her voice is beautiful, so the bad girl look is... well, that's not the point. Forget about that video for now.

The movie's name is Taiyo no Uta (any resemblance to this blog's name is a mere coincidence, really). Yui, our main star, suffers from Xeroderma pigmentosum. In other words, it's a pain in the ass sickness. This sickness is really bad news... she can't expose herself to the sun. She falls in love with this surfer guy. Guy who is always under the sun, girl who can never feel it's warmth, you know where this is going, right? You can skip the next paragraph if you feel like watching the movie by now...

Well wrong, the girl is a musician (and a pretty cool one at that). And her sickness isn't very much controlled. She loses some of her musical skills, and she gradually turns into being a heavy burden for her boyfriend.

I think Yui sings about three songs in her movie, and one of them is Good-Bye Days. She writes and arranges her own songs too, so that's a very big plus. Good-Bye Days is a gorgeous, guitar-voice driven ballad about those days when our relationships find themselves in a path that ends in "Good-Bye". Most of the time, they are the saddest moments in one's life.

Good-bye days by Yui Lyrics

Thanks, source, for these lyrics.

Lyrics and Music by Yui

Dakara ima ai ni yuku
Sou kimetanda
POKETTO no kono kyoku wo
Kimi ni kikasetai

Sotto VORYUUMU wo agete
Tashikamete mita yo

oh Good-bye days ima
Kawaru ki ga suru
Kinou made ni so long
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ga soba ni aru kara
~with you

Katahou no IYAFON wo
Kimi ni watasu
Yukkuri to nagarekomu
Kono shunkan

Umaku aisete imasu ka?
Tama ni mayou kedo

oh Good-bye days ima
Kawari hajimeta mune no oku alright
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ga soba ni aru kara
~with you

Dekireba kanashii
Omoi nante shitaku nai
Demo yatte kuru desho?
Sono toki egao de
Yeah hello!! my friend nante sa
Ieta nara ii no ni...

Onaji uta wo kuchizusamu toki
Soba ni ite I wish
Kakkoyoku nai yasashi sa ni
Aete yokatta yo

...Good-bye days

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