Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Song of the Week 02/05/2007 Yes - And You and I

Yes is one of the greatest progressive rock bands. Their lineup includes top of the line musicians that simply love music. A 10 minute song, it's not that long compared to other songs from the same band, or the same album. After the song 'Close to the Edge', in the album by the same name, comes the wonderful 'And You and I'. With irrational lyrics, a lot of clean guitars, some solos from guitar and keyboard, this song is in my opinion one of the best progressive rock songs. It is not that crazy, nor fast, it's more full of melody and more like a ballad. For a faster, rocking song, go for 'Close to the Edge', which is great also. This one keeps it slow for the most of the time (not forgetting the solos though :P). It is divided in 4 parts if I remember well.

And you and I reached out for reasons to call...

Of course, no Song of the Week post is complete without a wikipedia tidbit.

"Yes are an English progressive rock band that formed in London in 1968. Their music is marked by sharp dynamic contrasts, often extended song lengths, and a general showcasing of its members' instrumental skills. Yes uses symphonic and other so called 'classical' structures with their blend of musical styles. Despite the many changes to its lineup, the band has continued for nearly 40 years and retains a strong international following."

And the corresponding leeched lyrics.

The Song of the Week section is filling up, wonder what I'm going to do :/

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noreign said...

With progressive music, I find that the more attention you pay to the songs, the more you enjoy them. The first time I listened to And You and I, I got distracted and forgot to really listen. As a consequence, once the song ended, I felt it was forgettable at best. But then I heard it again, actually paying attention, and it made sense.

This experience reassures my belief that progressive music is an intelligent type of music, perhaps not quite well suited for background use. (I liked Close to the Edge as well, so I guess I'll just have to listen to the rest of the album.)

Flow said...

well i believe that progressive music has to be listened with great attention in order to grasp its beauty specially on the long and more complex songs, but i also think progressive rockers have great moments with ballads as sooki states, for example: Lucky Man from ELP, is a great ballad and one of their most acclaimed songs, that also goes for King Crimson and Book of Saturday which is one of my all time favorite songs...

Sooki said...

I agree, progressive rock at least takes some time getting used to, but manages to be very enjoyable.

Book of Saturday is a very nice song, totally Song of the Week material :P. Part of the skill of these musicians is the composition of many types of music.

There is an eternal debate about how progressive rock is an "intelligent" type of music that only few can enjoy. I'm not sure, it could be intelligent, or it could be that it just takes a bit to get used to. I'm not sure how one could tag certain king of music as intelligent, but I am certain that there is a nice amount of talent put into it (which I believe a lot of people consider this to be intelligent, even myself).

I also agree this is not very nice for background use, it could get disturbing while doing homework or tasks of the sort... driving is fun though. Of course there's people who enjoy this music under altered states of consciousness because of how deep it can be, but that's another story :P