Wednesday, April 11, 2007

(Stepmania) Song of the Week 12/04/2007 Tsumasaki - Ore Ska Band

I had my doubts at first with this one. Ska isn't really my genre (and the band name really scared me at first), but this song resulted incredibly fun to play. It's in 4-6-9 difficulties I think, I bit higher from my usual because this is a speedy song. At 190 bpm, if you are going to tackle the hard version you're going to hop around like crazy ;), but it can be done.

Embrace yet another stepmania anime file by me, this time from Bleach Ending 11, which came out recently. Didn't take long, and it ended up nice :P (although encoding is a pain in the ass, doing it correctly is... well I did the best I could). As usual, I appreciate any comments, and you can use my file however you wish if you give me credit.

Good luck. Hint on next song: it's from a new spring anime, and the ED is performed by someone who also sings a Bleach ED.

@bemanistyle download here.
My profile with all of my 5 songs is here. Both need registration, it's worth it though.

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