Sunday, April 8, 2007

(Stepmania) Song of the Week 08/04/2007 Fly So High - Yu Yamada

And out of nowhere, a Stepmania anime file from Blue Dragon's (ED).
An upbeat, happy tune has taken a bit of my time and has been converted into a stepmania file.

Complaints about this one:
-There were no good images for me to set up as BG.
-I had to edit the hell out of the banner and make it fit (in paint of course), and it cut the girls' hair in the end :( (my photoshop is broken)
-The avi file for some reason turned out dark, no matter how hard I fiddled around with the settings. I couldn't perfectly sync it with the previously done karaoke by the DATS fansubs. (Sorry DATS, I stole your ED, though I am promoting your job, and your job is free ;) thanks)
-I finished it around 7 hours ago, but faced multiple difficulties :p

Any help, contributions, always appreciated. Comes in a 4-6-8 difficulty flavor, adapted for pad. Hmm. I can't get an A in the hard one :(. Maybe tomorrow when I haven't tired myself from bicycle riding. Oh, speaking of tomorrow.. exam.

OH the link: here. (reg. required @
And the rest of my songs all together here. (reg. required too)

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Anonymous said...

I realy like this song :3 But i have a small problem with the wideo behind and i don't know what to do. Please help :)

KociaKsiezniczka from bemanistyle

Sooki said...

Sorry for the delay, I sent a PM via bemanistyle offering help. For others, make sure it's not corrupt. Also, make sure you can reproduce xvid videos (standard in the anime fansub community). You need xvid codecs for that. If the problem isn't fixed with this, then I wouldn't really know what the problem is :/ but we can try and solve it.