Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Song of the Week 19/04/2007 Rie Fu - 笑って、恵みのもとへ (Waratte, Megumi no Moto He)

Hmm, first I liked Bleach ED(1) from her: Life is Like a Boat. Then when I watched Darker than Black, I liked the ED too (Tsukiakari). So after that I got my hands on some of her music (the Rie Fu album). It was a pleasant surprise, very soothing at times, pop-like and light at some moments and dark but not too dark afterwards. Rie Fu scored a new fan :P.

Songwriter and composer of her own songs, I don't really know if I should say that this is jpop. Songwriting and composing by the singer isn't the norm for pop songs (insert long ass discussion here, she's still good and makes her own music, I admire that from any artist, being partly musician myself).

One thing that I complain about j-pop, j-rock songs is the lousy English that is "fashionably" inserted into lyrics. However, Rie Fu does this wonderfully, because she can pronounce it correctly ;), so the song "bilinguality" is very interesting (this song isn't that bilingual, but try Life is Like a Boat for example, or decay english version for a full song in english). She lived in the USA for a while, and is currently studying art in London, the art of painting, specifically (wow, she has everything ;)). Also her lyrics aren't happy/ silly, or very common (in my opinion). They explore sad and happy moments equally.

This song, the first one in the album, didn't immediately catch my attention the first time I listened to her album, but I've been listening to it all day ;). Sweet, soothing melody; explores rare tones (the chords are really weird at times), nice combo of instruments, beautiful voice, and it's all her music and lyrics. The English is well placed. The lyrics explore mildly sad, and sweet happy moments, and memories; never too pessimistic, nor optimistic.

Lyrics and translation here.
I didn't have time to ask for permission and repaste it here, but I'll link to this wonderful site where someone equally wonderful translated the lyrics for us (under the nickname of frecklegirl). Yay for you. Thanks. I am going to quote a translated bit though.

"Laughing together with someone – is the reason we do that
just the same thing as trying to hide an unavoidable loneliness? "

PD. If I do ever complete my made up anime project, with people helping, I'd probably use this song for an ED, seems fitting :P.

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