Saturday, March 24, 2007

(Stepmania) Song of the Week 24/03/2007 Message - Yoko

Catchy technostyle jpop song (kinda like Zankoku na Tenshi no Teize, from Evangelion), I decided to make it into a Stepmania file. The reasons why are contained in my previous Stepmania songs... post.

It's just catchy, nothing supremely artistic about this one. Also, I like making songs no one else is going to do :P. This anime is not very well known, so this song was going to suffer the same destiny, but I hope this fun file gives you some minutes of enjoyment.

As I said previously, I took on this song with a different approach. It comes in a 3-5-7 difficulty flavor, to please most of the people. Most of the people who play on pad anyway, which is the real way of playing Stepmania. If you want to add challenge difficulty "steps" for keyboard be my guest. Light and Medium steps are more "rhythmic" and have a fun feeling, and the Heavy ones are sync'd to the melody (voice&keyboard mainly).

The song isn't available in most places as a tv size (and after noticing the tv recording in mono was a piece of crap) so I used audacity to cut my own again, just like I did in Kimi ga Sora Datta, so this wasn't a problem. Video encoding made easy by Virtualdub too. For some reason the Stepmania player crops the video file left and right borders but this isn't my fault, I also used this ratio so the karaoke was viewable (this is NOT my karaoke, it's from WinD fansubs) no matter what skin you use. Also for some reason Stepmania readjusts the BG image I cut (which is from the ED btw). Well, all in all it wasn't too hard, a couple of mistakes took a lot of time, but it ended up in a fun song. I got AA in level 7 with pad, so it's possible :P.

Uploaded to bemanistyle (had to edit audio bitrate to reduce file size to 9.99 mb :P). Reg. required, but it's a great database for Stepmania files, especially anime. For non anime files you can try flashflashrevolution.

You can download this song by looking into my bemanistyle profile, here.

As for my next songs, I don't know. I'm thinking of remaking songs that I think have terrible steps or are keyboard only... I'll decide when I have some more free time:P

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