Thursday, March 1, 2007

Song of the Week 01/03/2007 Therion - Siren of the Woods

HMMMMM. Long time no see, heh. Ugh I neglected the song of the week last week, let's just say a stepmania song counts as two:P (2=4, ask any real mathematician).

Well this week's winner goes to a song I hadn't heard in a while. So what is Therion umm... Wikipedia says it "is a Swedish symphonic metal band" so I guess you could say that.

About Siren of the Woods... it's possibly one of the slowest songs by them (by now you know I like the slow songs:P) but it's a great mind trip. Starts with some guitars and blends in some other instruments, and some vocals (in some strange languages btw), for a seemingly eternal song. Merit goes to this song because it can seem so repetitive yet it submerges me into it's world for the 10 min. it lasts.

Surely a musical representation of a visit to the siren of the woods. It's pretty cool.

Expect some more jokes this weekend. Maybe. If I'm not busy enough :P

NOTE: Blog got a bit of a face lift, it now includes most of the features I wanted it to have. But it's still not complete. WTF.. I wrote this note to write something important but I already forgot.. well guess that's me at my finest. Well whatever, soon some nice CSS modifying because using templates is not my thing, whatever... Have fun. Do what you want, be stupid for a while, then go to a library and compensate the stupidity with books.

NOTE2: I remembered. I forgot to add labels:P

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