Monday, March 19, 2007

Kanon 2006

Well I have been busy the last couple of days, so no posts. Why? I was busy finishing Kanon 2006.

Short intro. Kanon 2006 was originally a Hentai game with a very minimal amount of Hentai (or so I've heard... that version of the game seems nonexistant now). The game was rereleased with all-family-viewable content (meaning: no nudity, etc).

There was a 13 ep. anime adaptation from the rereleased version of the game. Spanning only 13 ep. it could only include key moments from the game's plot, and not the full story.

Someone somewhere (Kyoto Animation) saw the potential in Kanon and decided to rerelease it in 2006 (so the viewers adopted it as Kanon 2006 or maybe only me), with a whole 24 eps. containing most of the game story.

Music is pretty much the same from the old Kanon games, maybe a couple of new arrangements. It's pretty fitting most of the time, but I really don't like the OP (Last Regrets). ED is fine. Also, I like how the episode titles make a musical allusion to the episode (canon, partita, fuga, serenade to mention a few). And the ep. where they talk a bit about Pachelbel's canon in D major, such a beautiful song, but anyway...

The animation is gorgeus. I rarely care about this issue. To me, good animation is a nice addition to most series, but it isn't imperative. Bad animation, however, can really harm a series by making it less enjoyable. This is all my opinion, a lot of people may differ. However, most people will agree with me that the animation here is just wonderful, excels anything I've seen.

The story is beautiful. It has crying moments, and laughing moments. It's just a matter of time before you fall in love with most of the characters. They are stereotypes after all, you are bound to like at least one of them. I'm going to have to mention that I really loved the Makoto story, by ep. 10 (and I'll remain spoilerless -for the next few words-) I had tears flowing down my neck, it was just great. Right now thinking on that part of the story, I'm getting very nostalgic, heh. The ending is just one of those bittersweet endings that fits everyone, liked it. (spoiler 1 cm away from this -> Why do they have to cut their hair?)

Whatever, that's the part I really liked, the rest of them are great. Near the ending it got wonderful again (veeery emotional), the ending ep. was full of mixed feelings. I do believe that Shiori's part was the least enjoyable, with how they handle the ending of it. Nevertheless, I still like her, along with the rest of the characters.

There is a problem with the whole story though, and it's that the feeling of the game is still there. Basically, in the game you can take the path of any girl you like. Here, you have to watch all of the paths, and this sort of harem gives a very unnatural feeling to the plot. It is a nice adaptation though, keeping these thoughts to the minimum. Too much going around to focus on that.

I could compare Kanon quickly to Rumbling Hearts (KGNE, Kiminozo, Kimi ga Nozomu Eien): I liked Kanon more. The magical elements unearthed feelings that Rumbling Hearts couldn't, however, they are different and this comparison would require much more depth than I have time to write :p

I believe Yuuichi is a great lead, I feel identified with his kind of personality. Sarcastic and mean at times, yet helps anyone who's in need (and as Yuuichi says, that sounds like a personality that brings a lot of trouble (oh and it does :p)). Yuuichi was improved from the previous versions, his design was horrible and lacked the style this new version gave him. His voice acting is nice too, as well as the voice acting in Kanon in general, they really shine in the emotional moments. Btw, if he sounds to you like Kyon from The Melancholy of Haruhi Suzumiya, you got it right. Horie Yue repeats the Ayu role and if she sounds to you like Honda Tohru from Fruits Basket, you got it right, AND a sharp ear :).

I do recommend Kanon if you want to see a slice of life, supernatural, and revive a bit of your feelings and ideas towards love; or if you like crying or strong emotions (and anime can take you there) then you probably will fall for this one :p. Life's a canon, bound to infinitely repeat itself with small changes.

Favorite Episode: 10 (Umm. Makoto's story climax)
Overall: 9.3
Closing comments: uguu~
More closing comments: auuu~
Even more closing comments: No need for more, I think I said everything. :D Comment otherwise.
neop's additional closing comments: nyuu~

note: I'll put pictures up in a while.
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neop said...

You missed nyuu~ :P

Sooki said...

oh true, almost forgot about that :p

Anonymous said...

this series has sad yet brilliant moments, good series for some supernatural romance the remade animation is beautiful