Saturday, March 3, 2007

Air Gear

A simple review for a simple anime.

Starting with a score of 10.
-2 for Ikki being the stereotypical shonen dumbass, who always seems to win.
+1 for the Air Treck coolness factor.
+1 for the love Ringo shows towards Ikki.
-1 for censoring stuff I probably wouldn't even notice in the first place.
+.5 for Agito's "Fuck!" spam which is very amusing to me lol (FUCK-uh).
-1 for random irrational stuff (legends? kings? regalia? wtf?)
-1 for tricking me (and my friend) into believing the series would actually end at 25 eps.
+1 Did I mention AT's were cool?
-1 for the Sleeping Forest not training Ikki for no apparent reason.
-1000000 for Simca cutting her hair for no apparent reason.

Total score: -999992.5

Sadly, nothing is as simple in life:P.

Ok where to start. Well, the main character, Ikki is not really bothersome or anything (Naruto anyone) but he is just the typical shonen lead. It's not THAT bad, but seeing the same stereotype for a shonen main character is... shameful.

That aside, the supporting cast is not that bad. Not much to say there. I like Ringo, the fatsos are sometimes funny and Kazu is a smart rider, Agito... well, guess you can like him at times, and some other times he's pretty annoying. :p About the Sleeping Forest girls in particular... well, Ume is too young to be able to do anything, 11 years old seems absurd for an AT rider of a legendary team; and the other two are just there for the looks, but they're censored anyway (?).

The music doesn't seem to suit my taste.

Animation is OK I guess, not that I care much.

The Air Trecks are simply cool, period, who doesn't want a pair already?

The story... ugh. There's simply too much silly legends and stuff about riders which really seem laughable to me. I don't know in what direction this series will expand but when they get to explaining these issues (Trophaeum Tower and all that crap) it will probably be something... curiously funny:P

Well. People are free to comment this one, as I wrote a pretty lazy review:P

Favorite Episode: 20 (Agito & Ikki vs. Behemoth battle climax)
Overall: 7.5
Closing comments: Air Trecks are really cool. If a typical shonen hero doesn't bother you and you think the Air Trecks are cool, you'll probably love it:P. The censorship is pretty stupid. Let's see if this series is going to release another set of episodes, because as of now the story is...{END OF REVIEW}

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Anonymous said...

this anime DOES have 25 eps, though the manga is way better
and is more detailed. recommend anyone who liked the anime to read the manga

Anonymous said...

(continued from above)
in my opinion id give air gear, the anime, a good 9.0 ^^

Sooki said...

It's interesting to look back and "autoreview" my own review. Air Gear is indeed interesting in some aspects, and the characters aren't half bad. However, still being incomplete in Anime form I can't just give it a 9.

I agree, the manga is more complete, and the hilarious censorship is gone and there's some pretty kinky stuff in there lol. I believe it still is ongoing, so for people who liked the Anime, or were displeased by the ending, or censorship, you should follow Anonymous's recommendation :P

If you didn't like the story or where it's going in general, or the characters, or anything else, you could just stay with the Anime.