Wednesday, February 14, 2007

Filler Post #2

Happy Valentine's day, or happy fake holiday made to make people buy day. Heh. Hmm.

Looking back into this holiday a bit (something I really didn't want to do) I remembered that it's just called like that because it's the day of St. Valentine, hmm, rumours about a love note at his time of death can spawn such a huge craze for flowers, postcards, heart-shaped stuff, and hotel room booking? We really are a weak society, heh.

Well, be it St. Valentine's day (I'm not religious at all, just felt like calling it like that) or my very exhausting back to school process, haven't been able to update. Will be back on track when I can recover from this laziness and lack of sleep hours :D

Well whatever if this semi rant about valentine's day bothers you, then you have to read about the origins of this day and then come and straighten up my ideas:P

Have a nice day ^^

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Thursday, February 8, 2007

(Stepmania) Song of the Week 8/2/2007 Kimi ga Sora Datta - Misato Aki

And now for you my second stepmania simfile. Hmm. This was pretty epic.

First of all Stepmania is a program that simulates (? couldn't find a better word) DDR - Dance Dance Revolution. It basically is a game where you time your feet to hit the arrows in time, and the arrows are most of the time synced with the music. So I got Stepmania, got my dance pad, and while I was building my song collection over from the folks at bemanistyle and flashflashrevolution, the strangest thing happened: one of my favorite anime songs had no file -_-. So after weeks of idleness and some more idleness I finally got to work and finished Kimi ga Sora Datta by Misato Aki, from Mai Hime's ending theme.

The reasons why no one had done this file before eluded me at first, but I found out why:
1) In no episode of Mai Hime can you find a "clean" audio of the song. Punch lines, laughter, screams, cries, moans all contaminate the initial part of the song.
2) In the episodes that do not "contaminate" the song, the ending theme rushes in as abruptly as the Russian Revolution, leaving a very incomplete sounding intro to the song.
3) The laziness of common stepmania authors does not allow them to play around and cut mp3 until they sound just right :D

So, in order to get this done, I had to cut my own TV size version (thanks to audacity-sound editing program). After that, I had to fix up some codecs, get virtualdub (vid. encoder, etc.) to edit the video and sync the karaoke. Then I made basic steps and distributed them in 3 difficulty levels. I don't like Light, it makes me take too much steps away in order to make it easy, but Medium and Heavy should be sync'd all the way :D. The only thing I didn't do this time was my name logo, thanks neop for that.

Enjoy, hopefully :D, by downloading it in my bemanistyle profile (reg. required).

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Tuesday, February 6, 2007

Filler Post #1

Two reasons why being sick sucks:
1. Can't eat spicy foods.
2. Can't drink cold drinks.
(3. Can't update blog XD)

Hopefully I'll recover soon :P

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Thursday, February 1, 2007

Song of the Week 01/02/2007 Epica - Feint (Acoustic)

I've known Epica for quite a while, but only recently was I treated to a special version of one of their best songs in my opinion (Feint). I got my hands on one of their DVD's and it contained this special acoustic version of the song. This is not their type of thing, but it ended up in a very beautiful song.

Actually if you wiki Epica you get "Epica is a Dutch symphonic metal band which puts emphasis on the use of operatic elements and death grunts, also performing some song passages in Latin.", and there are no grunts in this song.

Slow, sad, and beautifully colored tune, with great lyrics (she also has a GREAT voice), dramatically increasing melody; it wins my song of the week :D.

By the way, just for the record, the initial inspiration for this song came from the story of a dead dutch politician, but you probably won't find a relationship between that and this song (or... maybe).

Music Video here.

If you want the song well you can probably bump into it somewhere in the internet ^^

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