Tuesday, January 30, 2007

From the debate of the existence of intellectual property to the silliness a music video can manage to portray.

Ok this update contains two links. A lot of people could comment on these aspects but I don't think that's really going to be the case. Well anyway, my silly excuse for an update contains two very different contents.

The first one is a find by my friend neop, and is a full video documentary about the history of tetris, aired by the BBC.

It also mentions a couple of aspects very relevant to modern society. Tetris, if you didn't know already, was created in the USSR, under the communist regime. If you know a bit about communism you must know that one of their beliefs is actually to NOT believe in private property. Actually this idea is wonderful, just almost impossible to implement in most of the modern, globalized societies. You just have to stop and think about it for a while... maybe read, and you'll have a totally different perspective about the world. Well the point here is they didn't actually believe in private property, much less intellectual private property. That means a free sharing of ideas. So... the problem is, how can someone have property over Tetris if it was created in such a society? Well... check out yourself in this interesting BBC documentary.

Here is when you have time to think over the last paragraph and make sense out of it; and when you reach the climax of confusion, you can move on to the silliness part of this post ->

The second link is a song I just heard today and the chorus just got stuck in my head; the lyrics were so random, I imagined a low-budget crazy and silly video, and that is contained here. The song is Pepper by Butthole Surfers (you can see where you're going by looking at the bands' name) . If you took the first link too seriously, this will probably calm you down, and maybe even make you laugh in a silly kind of way, or possibly, the best reaction I would expect would be for you to be pissed off for trying to seem smart at first and exponentially decay towards stupidity afterwards :D.

Either way, I wish you enjoyed... at least one of them :D

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Saturday, January 27, 2007

Ergo Proxy

Well I finished Ergo Proxy today, so I felt like I should leave a comment here.

An overall enjoyable series, I believe it fails to deliver an extra 'punch' to make it different from it's counterparts that belong to the same genre.

The characters were OK, nothing new, but you can get to like them (Pino is pretty funny). The story is interesting... for the most part. The animation is great most of the time, no real problems there. Music was... well it was there, the opening theme is pretty plain IMO, but the ending theme by Radiohead is a great song I had already listened to and I liked it being used as an anime ending theme (:D get that song).

My only real complaint with this series is that it really doesn't deliver anything new. Sure the setting is passable, but I can only handle so many post-apocalyptic "we are doomed/we don't know reality" movies/series. Most of these future-themed sci-fi stories deliver the important message that we should preserve our planet, but I have heard too much.

Favorite Episode: 16 (Wonderful)
Overall: 7.5
Closing comments: Enjoyable in most aspects, story fails at some parts (great at other parts), characters plain but likeable.
Recommend: Yes. Only if you haven't seen a bunch of future sci-fi movies and series already :P

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Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Song of the Week 24/01/2007 Kanon - Yakusoku

As you could probably guess, music is a strong influence in my life. So, the idea of this is to post the song/songs that I most enjoyed during the week. This week's prize has to go to Yakusoku (promise) from the Kanon soundtrack.

While short (it loops itself XD) , this is a very enjoyable tune and it fits pretty well in the Kanon story. Sad yet sweet. Well, even if you don't think it's THAT impressive, music box themes have a special place in me.. somewhere ^^.

You can get the song here.

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Hello World

Hello and welcome to my blog, if you're reading this post you probably know me in real life, but if you are curious and ended up here , then nice to meet you. This is a blog about music, anime, movies, travelling & life. I'll fill in my personal info one of these days, but until then you should know I'm Majoring in Psychology, live in Mexico City, and the rest is history.

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